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Pesada. É. Ela.

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The best scene of finale. 

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Today I lived through one of the most traumatizing experiences of my life thus far. 

I live down the street from a small park, and I decided that it was nice enough to take a jog down there. The park is usually desolate, so I figured I would be alone.

I was dressed in board shorts and a t-shirt. Nothing necessarily girly. Also, as seen above, my hair is pretty short. Most would say that I look like a boy. 

When I finally made my way to the park, there were a few boys there messing around. I didn’t really think anything of them being there, so I continued with my jog and began to approach them, seeing as they were sitting right by the path I was on. 

I was finally close enough to talk to them, but instead of just ignoring me, two of them began to jog in front of me. They eventually slowed down their pace and were basically jogging right next to me. I had my iPod in and I wasn’t listening to anything they were saying, because I figured they weren’t saying anything worth listening to. 

After about twenty paces with the two of them on each side of myself, one of them did something I never expected: he pulled his arm back and completely clocked me in the face with his elbow. After he hit me, his friend looked at me and said “Have a nice day, dyke.”

I immediately stopped walking because I could feel the blood gushing down my face and I ran back home. I haven’t stopped crying since. 

The only reason why I took a picture of this and the only reason why I’m posting it on my blog is because I want people to know that these things actually happen. I haven’t even cleaned my face off yet. This is more important I have been a victim of bullying for quite some time now (ever since I cut my hair off) and today was the first time I’ve ever experienced the physical aspect of it. I have never felt so horrible about myself as I do right now. 

So please, followers, if you see ANYBODY getting bullied (not just your friends or family) help them out…because I can guarentee that if I had somebody by my side when this happened, I would feel a lot better. 

Today I got clocked in the face and injured because of the way I look. What a world we live in.